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Maple Street Memories #4

Episode Four

Bob arrived at his usual time and ordered his customary breakfast.  She delivered his plate and he asked, “Did you give any more thought to my idea?”

She nodded.  “I called yesterday, but the receptionist told me he wouldn’t see me.  Sounds like he’s too busy to deal with people he doesn’t know.  I tried to explain, but it didn’t matter to her.”

He spread jelly on his toast.  “How about you send a letter?  Then you can explain the whole matter.”

For the first time since last night, her lips curved upward.  “That’s a great idea.  He has to get his mail, right?”

“I would mark the envelope personal and confidential.  That way it should get to him and only him.”

The cook rang the bell several times. She gave Bob an enthusiastic nod and hurried to retrieve the order at the window.  While she waited on customers and refilled salt and pepper shakers, she composed the letter in her mind.

On her way home, she stopped at the office supply store and purchased several sheets of high-quality paper and envelopes, plus a new pen.  She handed the clerk a fistful of coins from her tip pocket and dashed home.

Instead of boxing and cleaning, she spent the evening writing and rewriting the letter to Mr. Bernard.  After countless tries, she read it aloud and gave a decisive bob of her head.  “Done,” she said and went about copying the draft onto a fine sheet of stationery.

She pulled the order ticket she had used to copy down the phone number from her apron pocket.  She had added the street address today and in her nicest penmanship, copied it onto the envelope.  She sealed it and added a stamp from the drawer by the telephone.

Now all she had to do was wait for a reply.

*  *  *

            Over the next week, Mary checked the mailbox numerous times throughout each afternoon.  She distracted herself from waiting by continuing to clean rooms and began to make a list of the furnishings in the house.  She also had to think about finding a new place of her own.

She had asked Bob about the possibility of buying a small place, but with splitting the proceeds from the house three ways, she wasn’t sure she would have enough.  She hated the idea of renting something but knew that was a more realistic option.

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