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Maple Street Memories #12

Episode Twelve

She continued to trudge through her days at work, always looking forward to the time she spent with her new Papa.  He took her to grand places for dinner and they enjoyed movies and plays together.  He introduced her to his favorite French bakery and they nibbled on fancy pastries and desserts. Each time she inquired about his family his eyes conveyed sadness and he shook his head.

Each week Papa presented Mary with a trinket or gift.  She objected at first, but he insisted that he be allowed to make up for the years he missed.  One day after lunch he treated her to a shopping spree at a trendy women’s shop downtown.  After their day he helped her carry all the bags inside and she made him a simple dinner.

They enjoyed an evening on the porch, watching and talking as the sky turned to ink.  “Ah, my chere, I wish I had met your beautiful mother earlier in my life.  Things could have been so different.  I know I have much to be grateful for in my life.  I have all the material things a man could desire, but I was happiest during those months with Helen.  She was like a bright light in a dark room.  I would have been happier, living here with you two on Maple Street, than I ever will be at my estate.”

Silent tears streaked her face and she patted his hand.  “I wish the same, Papa.”

He cleared his throat.  “But, we must not despair.  We have found each other and you bring me a piece of the light that I miss.  I look forward to seeing you each week.  You have made me so happy.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder and said nothing.  Her throat was full of emotion, but she could speak.  She squeezed his hand instead.

*  *  *

As fall approached, Bob took Mary to visit a few of the houses in her price range.  Several were nice, but they were all tiny and in neighborhoods far away from her work and what was familiar.  He dropped her back on Maple Street after a depressing day of open houses.

She slumped on the sofa and let the tears roll down her face.  The realization that she would have to leave her beloved home settled over her like a rain cloud.  She had put it out of her mind over the last months, enjoying the renovations and the delight of seeing the house restored.  Her mother would have been so happy to see the flowers thriving and the manicured yard.  Now, with the move looming, Mary had to come to terms with her situation.

The closest place Bob found was still too far for her to walk to work, so she’d have to drive or find a new job.  The thought of leaving work, along with losing her house, was overwhelming.  She wrapped herself in a quilt and let sleep provide the escape she sought.

The next morning she contacted a company that bought estates and asked them to inspect the furnishings and give her a price.  The house she was most interested in was the smallest but in the best neighborhood.  She wouldn’t have room for much and had to prioritize what she would take.

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