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Maple Street Memories #10

Episode Ten

Over the next weeks, they met for lunch on Tuesdays and a movie and dinner on Thursdays.  Mary had a permanent glow about her and one morning Bob commented, “Finding your father has been the best thing for you.”

She nodded as she refilled his coffee.  “I know.  He is so sweet and we are having fun spending time with each other.”

“I was going to stop by and put my sign in your yard this afternoon.  Is that okay? I’ve got the key you gave me, so will just show it if we get a nibble.”

Her smile vanished and she nodded.  “Yes, that’s fine with me.  Do you think it will sell quickly?”

“I’m not sure.  It needs some work and the price we set is a bit high, so it may take some time.”

A sparkled returned to her eyes.  “That’s good for me, right?”

He chuckled.  “Yes, that’s good for you if you aim is to stay in the house.”  At the sound of the bell from the kitchen she turned and dashed to pick up an order.

*  *  *

The next day close to the lunch hour, Bob hurried into the diner.  “Mary, Mary,” he waved.  She gave him a nod and finished taking an order.  He followed her path as she made her way to the kitchen.  “I’ve got news,” he said.  “There’s a buyer for the house.”

Her face fell.  “Already?  I thought it would take months.”

“I know.  I know.  I showed it this morning and they loved it.  The buyers want to undertake some improvements and agreed to let you stay in the house while that work is being done.”

Her forehead creased.  “Really?  That’s good news.  How long will that give me?”

“At least a month.  The buyers specified quite a bit of work, including a new roof.”

“Wow, that’s expensive.  Is that coming off the price?”

“Oddly, no.  The buyers agreed to the asking price and are making repairs themselves. They want to start work immediately and that’s why they agreed to let you stay.  They want access now.”

She shrugged.  “Well, that will make Susan and Tom happy. “They’re only interested in the money from the sale.”

“I’m going to start looking for something for you.  You’ll have more than I thought since the asking price was high.”  She gave him a hurried nod and rushed to a customer she knew was on his lunch hour and needed a quick meal.

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