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Book Club Discussion Questions & Info for Readers

Book Club Discussion Questions for the Hometown Harbor Series

Here are some questions to get your book club discussion started based on the Hometown Harbor Series. They are listed with the most recent book in the series first (FINALLY HOME:  BOOK 5) SPOILER ALERT~the questions will divulge some of the surprises in the books, so don’t read these until you’re done!

Finally Home

FINALLY HOME is the FIFTH book in the series

  1. Kate’s grief has been with her for decades. Discuss how the loss of a child impacts a mother’s world.
  2. Have you ever felt the anguish and fear Kate describes when she can’t stop worrying about her son?
  3. Could you forgive Maggie for the past?  How about when Kate discovered the extent of her betrayal?
  4. Have you ever had a close friendship that ended tragically?  Did you ever reconnect with the friend?
  5. Do you think Maggie knew Kate was on the island before she planned her trip?
  6. Discuss how Kate treated Maggie as the story progressed and the impact of Maggie’s letter.

Pieces of Home

PIECES OF HOME is the FOURTH book in the series

  1. Ellie’s childhood was filled with verbal and emotional abuse.  Discuss how this impacts her adult life.
  2. Do you think Ellie could have done more to help Dani?
  3. Discuss Ellie’s diagnosis and how it changes her?
  4. Have you ever known a parent like Ellie’s mother? Do you think anything could have been done to “fix” the relationship prior to Ellie moving to Friday Harbor?
  5. Do you think the bond between Ellie and her sister, Ceci, will ever be repaired?
  6. Thinking of the last scene in the book, what do you think is in store for Ellie’s future?

A Promise of Home

A PROMISE OF HOME is the THIRD book in the series

  1. Discuss and examine why a woman like Regi, who must have had other opportunities, waited twenty years for Cam.
  2. Discuss Regi’s family dynamic and her relationship with her mother and how it may have impacted her choices in life.
  3. How would Regi have handled the attack on Molly, had she not had the support of Nate.
  4. Could Regi have done anything more to aid her brother, Leon, in his transition back to society?
  5. Did the descriptions of the food inspire you to experiment or try recipes?

Home Blooms

HOME BLOOMS is the SECOND book in the series

  1. Discuss how Walt’s betrayal of Linda colored her choices in life.
  2. Discuss the family secret Linda discovered while cleaning out her house and the emotions she experienced.
  3. Discuss the impact of Jeff’s accident on the tight-knit group of friends.
  4. Discuss Linda’s reactions when she encounters Walt and agrees to spend time with him.
  5. Have you ever visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria?  Did the trip Linda and Max took inspire you to add it to your list of places to see?

Finding Home

FINDING HOME is the FIRST book of the series

  1. Does anyone relate to Sam’s emotions and problems in the first part of the book (as she’s leaving Seattle, suffering from depression after her divorce)?
  2. Has anyone ever moved to a new place, not knowing anyone?  Discuss the pros and cons of living in a small community like Friday Harbor.
  3. Discuss the importance of Sam’s dog, Zoe, and her role in Sam’s life.
  4. Discuss how you might handle the unexpected news Sam receives after she’s been on the island.
  5. Discuss the underlying themes of trust and forgiveness in the book.