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Wish Again

Book 4: The Wishing Tree Series

About the Book

A heart-warming story of love and loss, and the hope of turning lost dreams into second chances.

Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams.

Paige Duncan returns to the small town of Linden Falls to seek the comfort of her hometown and her beloved mother. That contentment is short-lived when after only a few months, she’s faced with an unexpected and monumental loss.

In the midst of struggling to keep her mother’s beloved bookstore afloat in the wake of her sudden death, Paige has the chance to grant a wish from the iconic wishing tree in the town square. She lost her trust in the tree long ago, but her mother’s voice rings in her ears, reminding Paige that when feeling disappointed, simply wish again.

Paige reluctantly agrees to bring her mom’s therapy dog to visit the care center where her mom volunteered for years. As autumn creeps in, busloads of tourists and one special visitor arrive, and someone at the center reminds Paige that she is stronger than she realizes. Will her mother’s advice allow Paige to believe in the magic of the Wishing Tree and second chances one more time?

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“I love this book…so touching and went straight to my heart.”

– An Early Reader

The Details

Published: March 15, 2022
Publisher: Lone Mountain Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1945591293ISBN-13: 978-1945591297ASIN: B09BDFQVSZ
Genres & Tropes
Women's Fiction, Family Fiction, Uplifting Fiction, Clean & Wholesome