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Book Club Questions for Pieces of Home

Here are some questions to get your book club discussion started for Pieces of Home, the fourth book in the Hometown Harbor Series.

**SPOILER ALERT: The questions will divulge some of the surprises in the books, so don’t read these until you’re done!**

  • Ellie’s childhood was filled with verbal and emotional abuse.  Discuss how this impacts her adult life.
  • Do you think Ellie could have done more to help Dani?
  • Discuss Ellie’s diagnosis and how it changes her?
  • Have you ever known a parent like Ellie’s mother? Do you think anything could have been done to “fix” the relationship prior to Ellie moving to Friday Harbor?
  • Do you think the bond between Ellie and her sister, Ceci, will ever be repaired?
  • Thinking of the last scene in the book, what do you think is in store for Ellie’s future?
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