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Book Club Questions for Finally Home

Here are some questions to get your book club discussion started for Finally Home, the fifth book in the Hometown Harbor Series.

**SPOILER ALERT: The questions will divulge some of the surprises in the books, so don’t read these until you’re done!**

  • Kate’s grief has been with her for decades. Discuss how the loss of a child impacts a mother’s world.
  • Have you ever felt the anguish and fear Kate describes when she can’t stop worrying about her son?
  • Could you forgive Maggie for the past?  How about when Kate discovered the extent of her betrayal?
  • Have you ever had a close friendship that ended tragically?  Did you ever reconnect with the friend?
  • Do you think Maggie knew Kate was on the island before she planned her trip?
  • Discuss how Kate treated Maggie as the story progressed and the impact of Maggie’s letter.
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