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Sandy E. (Early Reader)

A heartbreaking loss. An unexpected inheritance. A chance for a new beginning.

Lily’s no stranger to loss, but her life takes its most tragic turn the day her husband is killed. Unable to escape the memories surrounding her, she jumps at the chance to return to happy summer memories in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she spent summers as a teenager. She inherits Glass Beach Cottage from her late uncle and leaves behind the life she’s known, including her beloved son, for a new adventure.

The rhythm of the ocean soothes her. Her heart begins to mend during morning strolls along the beach with her dog.  She encounters a kindness in the residents of the tiny coastal town. A young man who lost his hearing as a teen, a local shopkeeper who offers her a helping hand, and a widower and veterinarian, who persuades Lily to foster a new puppy, form her circle of friends.

As guests come and go, she gains insight into the joys and sorrows of those who spend a few days at Glass Beach Cottage. Along with the healing power of the sea, Lily witnesses the strength of the human spirit and learns that the best remedy for her grief lies in the restorative power of helping others.

Award-winning author, Tammy L. Grace, brings readers her new GLASS BEACH COTTAGE SERIES. The first book, BEACH HAVEN, is a heartwarming story of a woman’s resilience buoyed by the bonds of friendship, an unexpected gift, and the joy she finds in helping others.  Escape with a new favorite series and read BEACH HAVEN today.

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