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Another amazing book about this town and the people that live there. I was glad that the story didn't go exactly where you assumed it would. The author really made you feel what was going on with these characters. A great read!


The third book in the Hometown Harbor Series gives readers a glimpse of Friday Harbor during the Christmas season. The struggles of a single mom facing an empty nest, who has relocated to the island in search of a promise from the past, are highlighted in Regi’s story. Cozy up with a cup of tea and enjoy a story of lost love, regrets, and new beginnings.

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She’s a single mom facing an empty nest.  He’s a down-to-earth guy with a huge crush.  Will her obsession with the past risk her future?

In between helping plan a wedding and holiday activities, Regi is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her fortieth birthday.  Twenty years ago, she and her high school boyfriend made a youthful promise to meet on the island to celebrate their milestone birthdays together.

Despite not speaking for the last two decades, she awaits the reunion with her old flame.  Nate, the local delivery man makes excuses to see Regi each day.  She’s oblivious to his existence…until they undertake a project to help a mutual friend.  Sparks fly as they spend more time with each other.  She can’t deny her feelings for Nate, but she’s not ready to give up on the past.

As Regi’s contemplating her choices, she’s dealt a blow that brings her to her knees and compels her to face an old wound. In the pursuit of her adolescent promise, will she risk the only chance she’s encountered for true happiness and a home?

A Promise of Home is the third book in the Hometown Harbor Series, stories filled with the emotional journeys of women in midlife, and a touch of romance. If you like second chance stories, small town life, and characters you’ll fall for again and again, then you’ll love Tammy L. Grace’s latest tale of lost love, regrets, and the possibility of a new beginning.

Treat yourself to the third book in the series readers describe as “the perfect escape, captivating, heartwarming, and inspirational” today.

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